Ram 1500 Service Schedule West Virginia

Ram 1500 Maintenance Schedule West Virginia

Ram 1500 Maintenance Schedule West Virginia

Astorg CDJR Can Help Care for Your Ram 1500!

Millions of drivers rely on the Ram 1500 to handle everything from everyday driving to hauling weekend toys or work equipment. As reliable as the Ram 1500 is, it requires maintenance like any other vehicle. As your truck’s mileage increases, routine maintenance is critical to keep it performing its best. Here at Astorg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we want you to get the most out of your Ram 1500. That’s why, on this page, we’re offering you an outlined service schedule of which services to perform at certain mileage markers. Continue reading below to learn how to give your Ram 1500 the care that it deserves!

8,000-Mile Service

Ram recommends giving the Ram 1500 its first service at approximately 8,000 miles. However, this varies depending on how you use the truck. For example, if you use the Ram 1500 for towing or off-roading, the first service should take place closer to 6,000 miles. Your truck’s first service should consist of an oil change to ensure that the engine continues running smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, the tires should be rotated front to back to prevent any premature and uneven wear. These services should be performed at the same intervals. So, under normal driving conditions like everyday driving with occasional light towing, you should get an oil change and tire rotation every 8,000 miles. Meanwhile, if you frequently tow with your Ram 1500 or use it for off-roading, stick to an every 5,000 to 6,000-mile basis. This will ensure that your engine and tires stay healthy.

20,000-Mile Service

By 20,000 miles, you should be coming up on your third or fourth oil change, depending on vehicle usage. At the 20,000-mile service, Ram recommends having the engine air filter inspected and replaced as needed. This small part plays a critical role in how your truck runs, as it cleans the air that enters the combustion chambers to be mixed with fuel and burned. With a dirty engine air filter, your engine will have to work harder to produce the power being requested and burn more fuel. Additionally, if left untreated, dirt and debris can start to enter the engine and wreak havoc on its internals. Simply having the old one swapped out with a new one can save you on fuel and costly repairs. With every oil change, our technicians perform a courtesy multi-point inspection which includes the air filter, so if you use your truck for off-roading or frequently travel on dirt roads, replacement of this filter might have already been recommended. At this service, our technicians will also give the braking, suspension, steering, and exhaust systems a close inspection.

40,000-Mile Service

40,000 miles is when Ram starts to recommend some larger maintenance items. Most notably, the spark plugs. With one at each cylinder head, the spark plugs are what ignite the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chambers to propel the vehicle. As spark plugs age, they can become burnt out and contaminated with carbon. Left unchecked, burnt-out spark plugs can lead to a cylinder misfire which will trip the check engine light and cause a decrease in engine performance. At 40,000 miles, our technicians will also inspect the front and rear differentials and the transfer case. These gearboxes are inspected for gasket leaks, and the fluid inside them is checked to ensure it is still clean and provides adequate lubrication for the gears. Additionally, the technician will check the CV joints and axles for any loose fluid, which is a telltale sign of a leak.

60,000-Mile Service and Beyond

By the time you cross over 50,000 miles, you should be a bit of an old pro when it comes to caring for your Ram 1500. Under most circumstances, the brakes are recommended to be replaced around 60,000 miles. However, if you spend most of your time driving in stop-and-go traffic, they might have already been replaced. Conversely, if you only drive on the highway, they may still have some life left on them. At 60,000 miles, you should also repeat the 20,000-mile services and have the spark plugs inspected again. Beyond 60,000 miles, as you creep up to 100,000, the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve can begin to show signs of its age. This valve reduces your truck’s carbon emissions by recycling waste gases from the crankcase into the air intake to be mixed with fuel.

Let Astorg CDJR Care for Your Ram 1500!

The team of dedicated service personnel here at Astorg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is here to help give your Ram 1500 the care it deserves as the odometer reading climbs. Whether yours is due for its first oil change, spark plug change, or any high-mileage service, you can trust our team of highly trained technicians to get the job done right. Use our online service scheduler here on our website to get your next service appointment with us. We look forward to serving you!

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